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Perfect for Garage Flooring

Since it is both chemical and stain resistant; oil, brake fluids, anti-freeze, gasoline, and other car chemicals can easily be wiped up even if it sits for a while. Rolling tool boxes, jacks, and jack stands will not damage the floor either. It also brightens up the garage environment because it is very light reflective depending on what type of finish you choose.

Environmentally Friendly

Another reason for epoxy is that is creates a cleaner environment. Customers do not realize how much dust in a garage is created from the powder that a cement floor can shed. Normal traffic on bare concrete can kick up this dusty powder that has a tendency of collecting on cars, tool benches, and storage items, as well as being tracked into the house. As a coating, epoxy is also naturally moisture resistant. Just a little mild soap and water is all it takes to have a clean, safe environment.


Safety is the most important part of our lives. With epoxy there is a concern for a slippery surface. For people who live in drier climates this usually isn't an issue. If you want some extra grip however, you can add slip resistant aggregate to the final coat that will create a non-skid surface.


The typical hardware store epoxy is a lesser quality product as it is an epoxy paint kit. These are usually water based coatings that are 50% solids at best and only 3 mils thick, as compared to 100% solids epoxy that is 10 mils or more thick. This is found in quality commercial product or professionally installed coatings. Solid ratings is the amount of solids that is left once the product has dried.

In order to get 100% solid, epoxy is probably not your best application to achieve this. Floortec feels that epoxy is a great solution for the right application. Please proceed to read "Why Polyurea Polyaspartic" can provide consumers the warranties of up to 15 years or more for installation by professional installers is becoming common.